Want to travel with your buddy? PETFriendly helps you!

We plan and organize the trip with your pet thinking about the comfort, well-being, safety of the puppy, without forgetting the best cost benefit for your family.

Have these questions been bothering you lately?

My pet will travel in the basement, is it life-threatening?

Where do I start the whole process to get the documentation?

I did the whole process myself, is it all right and will I be able to get the CVI?

My puppy/kitty can't stay away from me, he can't take a trip, now what?

And what about these others?

  • I have more than 1 pet, can I take them all on the same trip?
  • My puppy has a short muzzle! And now how do I travel with him?
  • My pet is over 8kg, can he go in the cabin with me?
  • My 4 legged son weighs less than 8 kg but is taller than allowed, can he go with me in the cabin?
  • What is the best shipping box for my trip?
  • I'm looking for tickets to move to another country with my pet, which airline is the most suitable?
  • How do I book my pet with me on my flight?
  • What are the procedures and requirements for me to enter another country?
  • My animal is an emotional assistant! Does he travel in the box?
  • My animal is an emotional assistant! Does he pay boarding tax?
  • Do I need to sedate my puppy before the trip?
  • I took a connecting flight, what do I do now with the pet?
  • What can I bring with my pet on the trip?

If you've ever had any of these questions running through your head, get in touch.

PETFriendly Turismo consulting can help you!